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Battle Music (Subject to Change)
Fürgas Steelgrasp / Mar 23, 2018

(Play music on separate screen.)"Wednesday we gathered within the halls of Anvilmar to discuss how to go 'bout the raids to come. Especially if the Grand Alliance plans to invade northward, it is a grand ...

Crura Darkmine / Mar 11, 2018

Divisions Divisions are going to be "removed" until guild membership and activity is restored to previous levels. Divisions are not going away, but it would be foolish to try and create groups while we are starving for active members. When Divisio...

Fürgas Steelgrasp / Feb 26, 2018 "Kinsmen! I understand that the recent shift has left many of ye graspin' fer a shred of understandin'. I know how ye all feel an I am speakin' to ease yer minds. With the downfall of the Burnin' L...

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