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Chapter 01: The Search

In Searing Gorge, Mairla spots a cave hosting a possible clue.

Furgas decides we should check it out.

The cave had been long caved in, we vote to go through Blackrock Mountain instead.

In search of signs of the Draig, the clan surveys the air over Shadowforge.

Thought we saw a drake, but no signs of its brood.

Cautious march through Blackrock mountain, searching for clues on our way to the Burning Steppes.
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Chapter 02: Orc Encampment

We come across an encampment of Blackrock Orcs. The group fans out and Bathildis, spotting her opportunity, starts the ambush!

The dwarves tactically face down the orcs!

After a brief skirmish, the fighting is over.

We capture a prisoner, threatening him with execution. We now have a lead on the whereabouts of a draig. We're disgusted to discover they are feeding dwarves to the draig as a means of manipulation.

Following the information from the prisoner, we formulate a plan.
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Chapter 03: The Draig's Lair

Following the prisoner's information, we discover a lava flow coming from up a mountain. We follow it to the summit, spotting the sleeping dragon in its cave.

Vilmar volunteers as bait as he pontificates his plan.

The dragon, seeing through our plan, attempts to slay us in its Den. We charge in from hiding outside, blind him, and impair his movement in fierce combat.

The draig attempts to escape to the skies, but Bathildis and Mairla waiting, foiling his attempt to leave the ground.

The deathblow is dealt, and the party moves in on their fresh kill.

Everyone takes a moment to take stock of their latest accomplishment. One less black draig to terrorize the dwarven folk!

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