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Chapter 01: Arrival of the Clans

Bathildis heads out early on Thunderhoof with the "Traveling Tankard".

Everyone meets inside the mountain and decides the weather is much more preferable outside. Modarin suggests we take to the Blackwing throne room ruins.

Arriving upstairs, checking out the new location.

Admiring the craftsmanship.

Thelgref representing the Thunderstaff Offensive.

Dolgbvari arrives.

Halronan jokingly claims the throne.

Modarin and Bathildis secure the casks on the wagon for serving drinks after the business at hand.
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Chapter 02: The Business at Hand

The audience gathers to discuss the affairs of their clans.

Thanes may first take the dais.

Furgas takes the floor.

The assembly listens intently.

Unable to hear, they move forward, lining up neatly.

Thane Modarin takes the floor.

Finally the masses are aloud to speak. Halronan and Vilmar explain the situation in the Twilight Highlands.
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Chapter 03: Festivities!

Clan Steelgrasp providing the food and drinks.

People settling down finding places to drink/eat.

Heading over to a clearing for a make-shift brawling arena.

Halronan getting amped up.

Fueling the fire!

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Chapter 04: Bare-knuckle Brawling, Part I

Spectators gather to watch round 01.

Combatants prepare.

Halronan becomes the judge.

Modarin is knocked out. Healers tend to his wounds.

The crowd prepares for round 02.

Halronan announces the combatants.

New spectators arrive and gather.

If anyone has anymore information, please don't hesitate to share! I had to walk away and missed a bunch of screenshots, as well as the results of the second match.
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Chapter 05: Bare-knuckle Brawling, Part II and Conclusion

Furgas summons Vilmar and Bathildis away from the fighting on important clan business.

They arrive before the throne, Furgas seated atop it.

The pair are asked to kneel as Furgas and Barothal give speeches and accolades.

The pair rise, having been promoted for services to the guild! Fellow clansfolk are around to celebrate.

Meanwhile, back at the brawl, two combatants fight, balanced on a perilous ledge.

Clan Steelgrasp arrives in time to catch the final few seconds.

Another fighter is knocked unconscious!

The crowd seems to be thinning. It's getting late in the evening.

Round 04 is about to begin.

Modarin shows up, looking a bit battered and bruised. He and his squire are about to leave.

And so did Bathildis, so any other screenshots are more than welcome if you have them!!!
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