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Chapter 01: The Steel Pub 02-11-2016

Just a heads up, I lost track of the order of these screenshots, and it was so long ago, I'm just going to post them without the usual comments. There may be one or two, but not the usual story telling.

Bengol arrives, looking for a rematch.

Crura versus Bengol once again!

Crura proves she cannot be bested.

Discussing the front in the Highlands.

Halronan raving about cultist possession and dark magics.

The siblings' first time at the pub.

Full house!

The sibling's swear fealty to Clan Steelgrasp.

Brigeda is no longer stuck with the broken chair! Finally!

Another drinking contest!

Bathildis ready to close up shop, wrangling in the stragglers.
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Chapter 02: The Steel Pub 02-14-2016

First arrivals.

A few new faces.

A human captain comes in searching for Furgas.

Introductions are made.

The human challenges Crura and is quickly defeated in a drinking contest.

Crura confronting Halronan.

Private conversation gets crashed outside.

Crura messing with the Frostborn, Galardal.

Weird things happening with the Frostborn.

Halronan laid out in the snow.
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Chapter 03: Bruuk's 02-15-2016

Settling down for some drinks at Bruuk's.

Bengol and Crura get into a brawl.

Two more join the fighting.

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Chapter 04: The Steel Pub 02-18-2016

New faces.

More new faces.

Even more new faces!

Sitting back down after a brawl.

Bengol and Bigeasy hanging out at the end of the bar.

Bigeasy offering to help clean the pub.

Bigeasy and Bathildis, finally headed back to Ironforge after closing up the pub.
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Forgot ta mention how I wiped th' floor wi' Bengol.. *Chuckles madly*, Maybe it was better ye did not, might hurt his pride... Oh wait, *Grins a big ole' evil smile.* I just did. *Chuckles some more*
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Haha, On a side note Crura, I didn't get screenshots of our legendary drinking contest yesterday!!! ;_; Epic fail.
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