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Busy start to the evening.

Thelgref sitting with an old "friend".

Close up of the above.

Busiest night in ages!

Things turn dark fast! As everyone else leaves, Grimgnir confronts a group that is possibly Thelgref's would-be assassin's employer from the attempt on his life at the Moot. Crura, Bathildis, and Nimue eavesdrop in case they need to come to Grim's aid.

Bath has learned the hard way to keep the bar "stocked" for all occasions... (After this screenshot) Bath sees an opportunity to run upstairs and change into her armor before the end of the verbal confrontation.

The valiant Dwarves follow the strange band to the tunnels leading out of Coldridge Valley. They stumble upon four strangers from the bar standing over Thelgref's unconscious body. They rush to his defense.

A Worgen Deathknight suddenly appears to assist us protect Thelgref.

The defenders stand guard. (Not pictured) Thelgref wakes up. His former "friend" claims to be behind everything. His accomplices get away, and he is executed, but not before putting Grimgnir in a coma. Grimgnir now rests, hopefully to wake up soon. The human monk is presumed dead and buried by Thelgref.
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"Aye! I think I broke th' damned worgen assassins arm and I nearly killed th' human monk in a single blow!"
"The answers are here. I can feel it." - Brann Bronzebeard

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