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Name: Glamour and Prestige

OOC spec: Assassination

OOC acquisition: Standard sin artifact quest

IC acquisition: Glamour and Prestige started as personal daggers Kromlech Gravelheart crafted for Naohmi when she was a young teen. As she grew older and became more skilled Kromlech constantly made alterations to them. His final change to the daggers before his passing was a complete remodel and altering, making them resemble short swords more than daggers. Since then Naohmi has paid to add small additions to the blades as well as finally naming them. She choose Glamour and Prestige as their names because one trait she sees in herself (glamorous) and the other she strives for (prestigious).

OOC description: Currently using artifact skin until I find something I like more. Not a fan of a lot of the dagger skins.

IC description: Both Glamour and Prestige have had many an alteration to suit their primary purpose: killing. The fuller of the short swords have intricate sword carvings along with their names. Both the edge and blade of the short swords have very small holes. The point has a few around it as well. These only open when both triggers, hidden underneath the guard and on the grip, are pulled and pressed respectively. The purpose of these holes is to store the deadly toxins Naohmi pours into them. Whilst fighting, she very often releases the toxins which ultimately cause more pain and death than the strikes themselves. Both pommels are simple in nature as well as the grip, save the hidden trigger. The guards have a few intricate carvings. Both swords rest in matching scabbards, also ornately designed, on a leather sword belt.

What Glamour and Prestige may have looked like in their original dagger state.

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