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Name: Bael’cyfail, The Red Heart

OOC spec: Outlaw

OOC acquisition: Materials gathered and given to Talas Saltplank by Syndra Shadowcrag. Dark Iron ore smelted at the Black Forge, sword crafted at the Blank Anvil by Saltplank.

IC acquisition: Occasionally, Naohmi is confronted by the elementals during her expeditions or jobs. She has no way to fight them off as conventional weapons simply won’t do. In trying to overcome this obstacle she decided to ask someone who would know the elements a whole lot more than herself, a shaman. Most Shamans typically aren’t fond of Naohmi once they learn of her occupation however she has remained on good terms with one: Syndra Shadowcrag. Naohmi met Syndra in the Depository where she asked for help. A Dark Iron blacksmith by the name of Dreg Darkhammer accompanied Syndra at the time and after the two spoke briefly, decided they could create a weapon that would aid Naohmi.

The three made their way to Blackrock Mountain and ultimately the Shadowforge, where Naohmi constantly complained of the heat and might have died so close to the core were it not for Syndra’s spell. Once there, Dreg used the Black Forge to smelt the necessary dark iron and ultimately crafted the dark iron blade. The next step was to enchant the blade itself with the power of the elements.

Syndra and Naohmi gathered at the Earth Shrine where Syndra began to conduct a ritual to bless and enchant the dark iron sword. Syndra Shadowcrag pleaded for the blessings from each of the elemental realms and each elemental heeded her plea save for the Firelands. The fire elemental that approached claimed it was Naohmi who needed to prove her worth of having their blessings. The elemental grabbed Naohmi, though she was not burned or harmed physically, the test was spiritual in nature. After some time, the fire elemental learned that Naohmi herself resembled them the most and granted its blessing to blade. Once the ritual was complete, Naohmi asked Syndra to name the sword for her.

Thus Bael’cyfail, The Red Heart, was born.

OOC description: skin is the Dark Iron Reaver with the elemental slayer enchant effect

IC description: Bael’cyfail was birthed by Dark Iron, hence it is a dark metal. Dreg Darkhammer made it simple in nature, more so to insult Naohmi as he complained her original weapons were “too damn fancy”. There is an Dark Iron inscription along the blade however. After being blessed by the elements via Syndra Shadowcrag’s ritual, the sword resonates with the energy of the elements. Fire randomly engulfs the blade at times. Wind occasionally swirls around the sword in its entirely. Water may occasionally spew forth from the sword, cleansing it. Sometimes the sword becomes encases in a fine grain of sand that hardens into the strongest of rock before falling off, sharpening the blade itself.

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