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Name: Mournblade, Edge of Illumination

OOC spec: Outlaw

OOC acquisition: forgot how I got the skin itself

IC acquisition: On her way to the Blue Recluse in Stormwind, Naohmi was stopped by two paladins. After some conversation the two Paladins asked Naohmi to accompany them to Hearthglen. Once there, Naohmi was shown proof of her biological father Dominic Vestone and that he himself was a paladin. She was given his belongings along with his blessed sword, Mournblade, Edge of Illumination. Once at one of her homes in Alterac, Naohmi sifted through the items behind teary eyes as she uncovered more about her past. She began to put her father’s items in one of the rooms but noticed as she held the sword it began to illuminate. The sword was a bit heavier than she liked but she figured a paladin’s blade would be best to aid against both the undead and demons.

She took some time to practice and acquaint herself with the blade and after sometime it became more and more natural to her. Though Naohmi herself has never truly been attuned to the Light in a way similar to priests, paladins, or clergyman, being a daughter of a paladin seems to allow her to wield Mournblade.

OOC description: skin is Blade of the Unyielding with the Life Warden enchant

IC description: Mournblade’s blade was forged of Arcanite, the edge is encrusted with Azerothian Diamond, and the grip is wrapped in blessed runecloth. The sword itself was blessed by priests and paladins of the Brotherhood of the Light. The sword has holy runes on its fuller which amplifies its holy power. It only resonates a holy glow when held by someone of the Vestone bloodline.

How I'd imagine Mournblade to look, minus the glow.

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