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Name: Felsteel Instrument Strike Trooper

IC acquisition: After a lengthy and costly battle against a Mo'arg during the initial invasion in Dun Morogh, Tyrman had regrettably came to the conclusion that his current arsenal of weapons wouldn't be enough to help take down the Legion. Also, even though he was agile enough to avoid attacks, his size limited his ability in most fights. After hearing rumors about Mekkatorque's latest device he used during the vanguard raid near the Tomb of Sargeras, Tyrman thought it to be a grand idea to make one of his own in his own image.

After the plans were drawn and a skeleton was constructed, he sought out advice. Thanks to Crura Darkmine, Tyrman was able to make a mech suit that would level out the playing field for the Gnome by boosting his own strength, resist fel-magics, and increase his speed as well.

OOC acquisition: An achievement called; Remember to Share - collect 300 toys.

IC description: It is a combat mech suit. The armor plating is constructed out of moonsteel with a felsteel coating to resist fel-magics and fire. The moonsteel, suggested by Crura, should help counter the fel corruption the felsteel may emit. Its main weapons are, as Tyrman prefers, its mechanized fists. It operates as it is an extension of the pilot with sensitive controls to match anyone's fighting style. It boosts the pilot's strength and speed, allowing Tyrman to move very quickly and even fly for a few short seconds. Also built within the suit is a over charged energy SHIELD to help protect the pilot and the machine even further.

OOC description:
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