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Name: The Negotiator

IC acquisition: With the help of former officer of the Brigade, Mikanora Metalbanger offered Tyrman copies of her schematics and notes on how to make firearms. Tyr having little to no experience making one from scratch was intrigued and after a few trial and errors finally made one based on the Dark Iron "rifles". This shot gun served Tyrman very well for a few months but the weapon was still hindering him in combat. Back to the drawing board, he finally came up with a new design to his liking that he named, "The Negotiator".

OOC acquisition: Rifle of the Stoic Defender - Drops off of Teron Gorefiend in Black Temple.

IC description: This stocky and durable weapon has been modified and calibrated to suit Tyrman's style of combat. The original design of the Dark Iron "Rifle" was outfitted with blades for close encounters. The barrels were shortened for a faster draw and an extra was added for more shot to bring down bigger targets.

OOC description:

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