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Name: Statically Hexagonal Interlocking En-folder Light-formed Defense

IC acquisition: The Statically Hexagonal Interlocking En-folder Light-formed Defense, or SHIELD, was first created while Tyrman was still an apprentice engineer in Gnomeregan. Its been improved on over the years as Tyrman's level of engineering grows.

OOC acquisition: For RP purposes, I use the Shieldtronic Shield. Made by Draenor level Engineers.

IC description: One of Tyrman’s crafting specialties. This shield protects him from projectiles and other ranged attacks so long as it holds. The longer its used the power source will fry up. It is activated by manual trigger to better control the energy used. When activated, it makes a hexagonal light around the user.

OOC description:

When activated, something similar to this;
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