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The Thane - Guildmaster

The Lord and Lady are the founders of the Brigade, and leaders of the Clan Steelgrasp within the Brigade.

Ultimate discussions and battlefield tactics are a basic sum up of these two's responsibilities. However, to lead alone is to not lead at all.

Evereyone can at one point or another can expect the Modan Lord or his First Lady to come to them in need of assistance.

The Modan Lord has full administrative access to the guild.


The Thane's Council - Co-Guildmasters

The Steel Council was formed out of the brigade's Thanes and the members of the Thane's Council. Currently, the two members are Bigeasy, and Thelodahr. Together, the members of the Steel Council work with the Modan Lord to oversee the guild at large.

The Steel Council have the most access to guild control and the website - excluding the Modan Lord.


Steelwarden - Officers

The Council cannot do everything, thus, taken out of the former ranks of the Battlemasters, Loremasters, and other ranked officials to become Steelwarden's. The warden's are to help manage and help run the guild, answer questions, invite those who sign up on the website, and coordinate events.

The Steelwarden's is the last rank that provides the ability to act as a moderator on the website, but have less access then the Steel Council. This applies to the guild bank as well, but like the Council they can accept website applications with two votes of acceptance, and can invite to the actual guild.


Iron Valiant - Officer in Training / Officer Alts

To the Magna's or to the alts of officers, they have the pleasure to have the rank of Iron Valiant. These are either stationary if they happen to be alts, or the stepping stone to being a Steelwarden. To those who are this rank to become an officer, they must complete the Iron Gauntlet, a roleplay focused trial to prove their worth!

By being recognized for an officer promotion, the Iron Valiant's have increased access to the guild then a Magna does. And as noted, to advance to the rank of Steelwarden, they must complete their Iron Gauntlet!


Magna - General Membership

To be a Magna is to be a full member of the Steelgrasp Brigade. They have done their oaths and accepted their badge. They are expected to do the guild proud, to keep the name "Steelgrasp" one marked with honor and glory!

To be promoted to the rank of Iron Valiant, they must show commitment to the guild and a willingness to accept higher responsibility. We prefer applicants having been members for at least three months, first.


Ally - Off-Theme General Membership

Allies of the Steelgrasp Brigade consist of non-titanborn friends and family who wish to role-play closely with the Brigade, and have the out-of-character perks that come along with a closely knit guild.

In-character, these members are mercenaries, contractors, and friends of our titanborn core. Out of character, these members have the same rights as those with the rank of Magna.


Hopeful - Recruits

Once a member on the website, or after contacting an officer in the realm of Azeroth, the newly recruit dwarf, human, or gnome is considered a Hopeful. A new member and one needing of an oath to be promoted.

In order to advance to the rank of Magna, a Hopeful must have made an account on the website, and then they must either have an interview with an officer or attend an Oath Ceremony to be promoted!



As the name implies, these characters are not linked to the guild in-character.


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