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Adorning the nearly bald head of Kalrum is a fabulous hat of crimson. Masterfully tailored and imbued with magic to help conceal Kalrum's power as well as acting as a minor entrance to a portable "hole" where he keeps some of his most valuable tomes of power as well as a extra cache of soulstones.

Similar to his hat, his robes are of masterful creation, crimson and similar colored, but far heavily enchanted. In fact, they shimmer very slightly with latent protective magic, afterall, what sort of spellflinger leaves home without enchanted robes? It's like a warrior leaving home without their armor!

In 5e D&D terms...
Kalrum's Hat
-Rare Magic Item- No Attunement
:Acts like a bag of holding when reaching in, but only stores 100lb of gear.
:Nystul's Magic Aura is constantly cast on the wearer (If curious on specifics of the spell, Mask is active.
-Mask: The wearer's alignment shows as neutral in alignment.

Kalrum's Robes
-Acts as Robes of the Archmagi, but it's red in color.and attuned to Kalrum's soul.
"The answers are here. I can feel it." - Brann Bronzebeard

Crura Darkmine: Dark Iron Warrior, Smith, and Mountain Champion
Kalrum Greatforge: Bronzebeard Warlock, Loremaster, and Master Enchanter
Mairla Greatforge: Bronzebeard Paladin of Tyr, Jeweler, and Explorer
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