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Name: The Guo-Lai Keg
ICly Obtained:
Burly Darkdraft and the Surveyors' Syndicate had been searching for artifacts in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. A particular set of ruins had yielded a few curios: Guo-Lai. What appeared to be an ancient Mogu station of some kind. Least interesting of the finds was a keg, while the craftsmanship was superb and it had aged well, it served the Syndicate little as they sought items of power. As such, the keg fell into the hands of Burly Darkdraft, the groups brewmaster as no more than a trophy.

Months later, Burly had attached the keg to his staff and had begun carrying it around and using it to hold his family's namesake brew in. One night, drunkenly messing with the keg, Burly managed to activate some form of latent magic. Unaware of the change in brew, Burly was in for a surprise the next day when he drank his brew. His skin hardened and he grew in size! The effects only lasted for a brief few seconds. Shocked, he brought the keg to the Syndicate's archivist, Syndra Shadowcrag.

After inspection, Syndra was able to discern the nature of the Guo-Lai keg. Mogu often dabbled in the magics of turning stone to flesh, and vice-versa. It appeared that this keg was some strange version of that magic. Darkdraft's mineral brews, containing trace amounts of ore, activated the keg and enchanted the brew. Once drunk, the brew would turn the imbibers skin to whatever ore was used in the drink! The keg required time to generate enough magic to create these special brews. Burly decided to continue making them named the brew his Special Reserve.

IC Description:
Much as it is seen in-game carried by Burly Darkdraft!

IC Uses:
While the keg has magical properties, it also works as a normal keg! The mouths on the keg open when the eyes are pressed, acting as a tap for the keg. The top face of the keg is removable and acts as a lid. Burly also uses the Mogu crafted keg as a weapon. The combined weight of the keg itself and the brew within is enough to smash in the skull of a fel guard.
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