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Name: "Dad's Rifle"

IC acquisition: When Rusco Sparkblast was shot down during the Second War, his closest friend in his company, Elmac Silverspanner, managed to retrieve Rusco's beloved rifle. During Rusco's funeral, Elmac respectfully passed down the rifle to Sparkblast's eldest daughter, Shelly, who was still barely a teenager at the time. The young girl took the rifle with trembling hands and hugged it close to her, trying her best not to let the tears fall. Shelly has kept the rifle close ever since. It saved her life during the Fall of Gnomeregan, and the subsequent years stranded underground, and then during her various Alliance campaigns all the way from the Cataclysm to the current Legion Invasion. It serves as both her primary weapon, and a sort of security blanket. It is by far her most prized possession.

OOC acquisition: I use the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle from old Kharazan.

IC description: A black sniper rifle with pink decals at the wooden grip. It used to be all black when her father owned it, but Shelly made it her own with the decals.

OOC description:

A lot of the time I think of Yoko's sniper rifle from Gurren Lagann. The length of the nozzle probably wouldn't be as exaggerated, but given that Shelly's a gnome, it might very well extend far proportionate to her own size.

"The Fox that the hounds can't catch."
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