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So! You've joined Steelgrasp Brigade and downloaded DiceMaster! Now what?

This guide will help you out if your just starting out or feel lost as to what the hell you gotten yourself into! Don't worry if you are having trouble, be sure to ask a DiceMaster officer to help!

Your first question is probably; "How do I move it?!"

Not to worry, the frame can be moved around your UI by dragging the hidden grey anchor point beneath the center of each frame.

Health Setup
While we are at it, lets add some Health to that bar. Steelgrasp Brigade events utilize 8 Health points to start.

Just simply shift+click on the hearts to add more. Left click adds while right clicking subtracts. This helps you keep track of how much damage your character takes!

Charges Setup
Another important role in our system is Charges. Right click on your DiceMaster mini-map icon to bring up the Addons Interface menu.

A) Right click on your DiceMaster mini-map icon to bring up the Addons Interface menu. Click on the empty box next to Enable Charges.
B) A new box within the Interface menu, called Charges, should appear. Make sure to slide the dial to 5.

Once you have your five, you can change the color if you wish. But be sure to click on the Charges to fill them in. We use these for Abilities. This will be explained further down.

Class Trait Setup
Now that you have your Health and Charges, lets make your first trait!

Everyone starts with a Class Trait. This trait helps our Dungeon Masters (DM) to determine what sort of roll your character is aiming for.

Once you have determined your Class, we can get to work on setting it up. Click on the Trait Editor Button (The book) and it will bring up the Trait Editor menu.
(Be sure to check out the DiceMaster 101: Interface if you need extra help!)

Our system utilizes 4 different Classes. Each class is heavily determined by how you like to roleplay in combat;

A stalwart defender of the innocent or a hardy experienced fighter who knows how to get the enemies attention. This class gains;
  • Passive: +2 Health
  • Ability: Taunt: You may taunt your target, forcing them to focus on you! Taunt difficulty depends on the target's power. Also gain +3 Critical Block against the taunted target for one round.

Priests and holy Paladins are common in this role but you may also be a medic or someone experienced in dressing wounds on the field. Healers gain;
  • Passive: Healer: You may heal during and out of combat.

Soldier, fighter, brawler, caster, marksman. These are common names for this role. DPS class gains;
  • Passive: Combatant: +1 DMG

Have a special animal companion you take into battle? Are you a master engineer with mechanical attack bots? Pet Masters gain;
  • Passive: Companion: You and your companion roll separately to Attack. Your health and companion is linked; If your companion is harmed and fail a defensive roll, your health will decrease.

Second and Third Traits Setup
Your second and third trait help make your rolls more unique, here is a breakdown to what each stat does to help you!

Attack (ATK): Increases your chance to hit during your combat turn.
Crit: Increases your natural critical threshold.
Defense (DEF): Increases your chance to block during an enemy turn.
Crit Block: Increases your natural Def critical threshold. (Counterattacks)
Healing: Increases your chance for a better heal roll during your turn.

Everyone starts by choosing two extra traits after their Class is determined;
Steelgrasp Combat Armor: "Be it plate, mail, leather, or cloth, armor made by Steelgrasp craftsmen and women is made well indeed."
  • Passive: +1 Def
Steelgrasp Armament: Your choice of a stock weapon! Sturdy and trusty!
(You can choose two for duel-wielding! This does not limit you to one weapon, only adds an enhanced weapon to what is available to you!)
  • Passive: +1 Atk if 1-Handed | +1 Crit if 2-Handed | +1 Crit if Ranged | +1 Def if a Shield | +1 Crit Block if a Spiky Shield | +1 Healing if Magical Item
Steelgrasp War-Mount: (IC Model is the Swift Gray Ram, the Swift Gray Steed, or the Armored Snowy Griffon. Can be enhanced through Valor Forge!)
  • Passive: Allows for mounted combat while riding this mount.
First-Aid Kit: A handy first-aide kit usable by anyone.
  • Passive: Field-Medic: You may heal out of combat!

For this example, I chose armor (+1 Def) and a one-handed sword (+1 Atk);

Tyrman now has a +1 Atk, during his combat turn his roll would look like this;

This also works for his defensive rolls when he is attacked thanks to his +1 in Def!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Valor Forge events on the calendar to upgrade your Traits or ask a Forge Father/Mother for more information!

Abilities and Charges
Great! You now have a basic setup for combat events! If you havn't already, your probably wondering what those Charges are for?

Charges are the unique resource system players use with their Ability traits. Abilities, or actives, are special moves you can use to help in combat situations.

Everyone starts at each event with 5 Charges to spend on Abilities they may have. Most Abilities cost 1 Charge unless specified. For more information, please check out the Traits and Abilities guide!

If the player doesn’t have any, they may also spend Charges to gain +2 ATK per Charge for that turn (If they wish, they may spend all 5 of their Charges to gain +10 ATK!). Also, unlike other abilities, you can spend the Charges AFTER your roll!

However, once the Charges are spent you cannot regain them for the entire event unless determined at the DM's discretion, special abilities, and/or crafted consumables.

As we use the system in our events, items will drop! Most items that are carried are Consumables (One time uses).

Everyone has two Slots;

Basic Consumables could be Health Potions that heal +1 HP or even explosives that deal an AoE damage! You can also craft your own! Check out the Crafting Guide!

Non-Combat Stats
Not everything is about bloodshed, you can talk your way or sneak past those enemies just as well!

A non-combat roll is used for situations outside of combat.
Strength - Being able to crush a tomato. Athletics
Dexterity - Being able to dodge a tomato. Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth
Intellect - Knowing a tomato is a fruit. Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature, Religion
Wisdom - Knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad. Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, Perception, Survival
Stamina - Being able to eat a bad tomato.
Charisma - Being able to sell a tomato base fruit salad. Deception, Intimidation, Performance, Persuasion

Everyone chooses two Advantage and two Disadvanages for their non-combat stats;

Rolling for Advantage means that a player can roll the same dice twice, and take the larger of the two resulting numbers.

Disadvantage entails the same situation, except the player takes the smaller of the resulting numbers.

If you have a double positive or negative, you would roll three times and choose the higher or lower number!

(Edit: 21-11-2017: Tyrman - Added Tank ability changes and Crit Block)
(Edit: 21-1-2018: Tyrman - Updated Health and Tank passive. Changed the location of slots and added consumable crafting link.)
(Edit: 4-2-2018: Tyrman - Updated Charges setup and Non-Combat trait images.)
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