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Steelgrasp Brigade takes pride in their professions. Most members are a crafter to some degree. From apprentice to master, here is how we represent this RP with DiceMaster!

Using this system you can craft your own traits to further enhance your RP experience and shape your DiceMaster Traits to how you wish.

(Please refer to DiceMaster 102: Traits and Abilities guide for more information on building your own items using our system!)

AP Cap
Current total set to 15 excluding consumables. Players may carry a max of 1 Class Trait + 3 Standard Traits.

AP Cap has been set to 4 for standard Traits.

Crafting Rules
Player starts with 0 progress and 100 durability.

If durability reaches 0, the craft ends and the player loses whatever materials they put into the craft.

If the player reaches a milestone, they can voluntarily choose to stop there and receive a trait of the appropriate AP or continue on hoping for a better trait.

However, if a player reaches a negative durability, they will lose a milestone!

1 AP trait: 100 progress
2 AP trait: 200 progress
3 AP trait: 300 progress
4 AP trait: 400 progress
5 AP trait: 500 progress

Milestones help you determine how many traits you may put into your crafted item. 1 AP = 1 Trait, 2 AP = 2 Traits, etc. Traits are also up to the player on what they are! Feel like your character is squishy? Craft armor with +Def! Not hitting hard enough? Craft something to add +Crit!

Also, instead of crafting an item, you may upgrade an existing Trait item! Depending on the Trait, you must reach the next Milestone in order to upgrade it;

AP 1 item upgrade must reach 200 progress.
AP 2 item upgrade must reach 300 progress.

If you're upgrading an item, you start off with +60 progress!

A spreadsheet to help keep track!

At the beginning of each round, the player rolls a d20 which determines the results of the round. The base results (i.e., without any traits) are below:

The player makes a gigantic mistake and badly damages their materials. It is unlikely that the craft will go as hoped.

  • -28 durability
2-8: Failure
The player makes a minor mistake that moderately damages their materials. However, there is still hope of salvaging the craft.

  • -14 durability
9-19: Success
The player works the materials and makes some progress towards their goal. The materials incur some mild wear and tear as a result of being worked.

  • +30 progress
  • -7 durability
In a fit of inspired craftsmanship, the player makes a great deal of progress towards finishing the item. They treat the materials with such care that they take negligible damage.

  • +60 progress

Consumable Crafting
Consumables are one-time use items that cap at Rank 04. Consumables are brews, potions, flasks, food, scrolls, grenades, etc, and can be immensely powerful.

Crafted consumables are permanent additions to the crafter's inventory.

These permanent additions will remain at Rank 01, unless upgraded.

Once consumed, all ranks are consumed as well, reverting the item to Rank 01.

Example: Bath creates a Rank 03 brew, then drinks the brew in an event for it's powerful Rank 03 buff.
That consumable is now gone from her bag; however, on her next RP event, she may choose to add a Rank 01 version of the same brew to her bag.

If she chooses to brew another batch, upgrade rules apply, and she can once again obtain higher ranking versions of this consumable.

All members present when a consumable is crafted, may add one of the crafted consumable to their bag, regardless of item rank. If you are not the crafter who created this consumable, it is gone after you use it.

Example: Bath brews up a Rank 03 brew while Tyrman and Burly are hanging out at the brewery. Tyrman and Burly both get a copy of the Rank 03 brew created there! Once either of them drinks it, they may no-longer use it until a fresh batch is brewed.

Crafting Rank
The more items you make, you improve your skills and it is easier to craft even better items! Each rank gains a +X to their crafting rolls. Higher ranks even gain rerolls!

Novice (Rank 1) = +1
Journeyman (Rank 2) = +2
Expert (Rank 3) = +3
Master (Rank 4) = 1 Reroll (And +3)
Grand Master (Rank 5) = 2 Rerolls (And +3)

The way to rank up is to craft the next rank item. You can only gain one rank per session and craft one item per session! Keep track of how many ranking items you make, they will carry over into the next session.

0-Novice: Craft 1 AP1 item
Novice-Journeyman: Craft 2 AP2 items
Journeyman-Expert: Craft 3 AP3 items
Expert-Master: Craft 4 AP4 items
Master-Grand Master: Craft 5 AP5 items

To use this system, you must have a DiceMaster officer present and be part of a Crafting or Valor Forge event. Speak with an officer if you have any questions!

(Edit: 7-1-2018: Tyrman: Added Crafting Ranks.)
(Edit: 21-1-2018: Tyrman: Added Consumable Crafting.)
(Edit: 22-1-2018: Tyrman: Added AP Cap)
(Edit: 12-2-2018: Tyrman: Stroke Grand Master - New system currently doesn't support it)
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To avoid confusion. Once a week a player may CREATE or UPGRADE a single STANDARD TRAIT, and CREATE or UPGRADE a single CONSUMABLE TRAIT. It doesn't matter what professions they use to do either of these, but it has to be a SEPARATE PROFESSION for each.

I.E. Crura, a Smith & Runecarver, cannot create a consumable runestone AND upgrade a weapon with runes using her Runecarver Profession in the same week. She can however, upgrade an item with runecarving, then create a consumable using smithing.
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