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They were back home in Ironforge. The former prisoners were fed, clothed, and rested - with the exception of one. A dwarf by the name of Rogon Stoneback.

Rogon was detained in one of the numerous prison chambers beneath the city. Only a small torch outside his cell provided him with a source of light. He was bound in chains above his head, his dirtied beard hanging down from his lowered head.

The only pathway to the chamber was a narrow hallway. Rogon always had one eye watching it, hoping that one of his captors would come and release him.

Hours passed, and just as he was drifting into sleep two bright eyes illuminated the darkness. The sound of plate armor echoed through the hallway waking Rogon from his inactivity. He raised his head, looking toward the door as a gilded dwarf paladin unlocked the cage stepping into the cell.

“Free?” Rogon muttered.

The paladin was silent, only focused with unchaining Rogon from the wall. After releasing him, he pushed the dwarf out into the hallway. Rogon staggered, nearly tripping on the cold ground. He paused, standing still until the paladin grabbed his cuffs and proceeded to guide him through the tunnel.

As they walked, a closed door with light flooding underneath gradually came nearer. Once they approached it, the paladin reached around Rogon and pushed it open. Rogon was overwhelmed by the well-lit chamber. He blinked repeatedly, trying to focus his eyes. Only when his vision became clear, did he start to panic.

In the room was a flat dwarf-sized table, aside from it were two long rectangular tables with various tools laid out on their tops. Torture devices.

Rogon squirmed. “No… NO!” he pleaded. The paladin knee-jerked the dwarf as to pacify him… for the moment.

Standing over the center table was a gnome by the name of Alice Blackgear. A rising personality within the Brigade. Her somber face watched Rogon being fastened to the table.

“You know the task, Lighthammer. Now get it done.” Alice commanded.

Thelodahr nodded. Looking down toward Rogon with a deathly glare. He slammed Rogon’s head toward the table before grabbing a hand-sized whip. Thelodahr started by whipping Rogon’s abdomen.

“Why where you sent by Syndra?” said Alice.

Rogon grunted but was resistant. “We were sent on an expedition to Silithus! You dogs have the wrong guy!”

Alice looked at Thelodahr, who had stopped. “Continue.” was the only word that escaped her lips.

Thelodahr replaced the whip with a hammer. He rested the hammerhead on Rogon’s knee.

“I’ll say it again. Why where you sent by Syndra?” said Alice.

Rogon shook his head aggressively. “I already told ye, gnome!”

Thelodahr did not hesitate, raising the hammer and slamming it down on Rogon’s kneecaps. The captive bellowed out in pain. “Ye broke my knees! Monsters, all of ye!”

His knees shook rapidly, the pain was excruciating. “You’ll be able to walk again, but not for a few months at the best.” Thelodahr joked.

“Ye think this is funny!?” Rogon growled through his teeth.

“Your attempt to subvert us is no laughing matter.” said Alice. She had moved to the side of the table opposite of Thelodahr. “Now, tell us what we want to know and you’ll be out of here. A free albeit broken dwarf.”

Rogon glared, fire burning in his eyes at Alice. He spat on the gnome. Alice wiped it off, looking up toward Thelodahr. “This dwarf no longer has any shred of my sympathy. Do as you wish.”

She stood firm over Rogon, barely maintaining her composure to not absolutely brutalize the dwarf. Thelodahr chuckled and left the chamber, leaving Rogon with Alice. An eerie silence fell upon them both.

A few moments had passed, then one of the chamber doors was slammed open. Thelodahr stepped in carrying a bucket half-full of tar with a heated dwarf behind him. “What is the meaning of this?” Cat demanded.

Alice looked up toward her. “This is an authorized investigation -”

“You mean interrogation! You’re torturing this poor lad for no reason!” Cat interrupted her.

While the two were arguing, Thelodahr began clipping off Rogon’s beard. There was some resistance, but he subdued Rogon completely. Once the beard was fully trimmed, Thelodahr grabbed the iron bucket he had carried in. Cat screamed at Thelodahr. “Stop this, now!” Thelodahr did not respond.

A look of terror settled on Rogon’s face when he saw Thelodahr holding hot tar over him. Cat attempted to intervene by grabbing the bucket, but Alice cut her off. “You are to leave. That is an order!”

Thelodahr began pouring the hot tar on the dwarf’s chin. Rogon shrieked, his cries of pain ringing out through the tunnels. The tar dripped off onto Rogon’s neck and chest, as if in the rudimentary shape of a beard.

Rogon fell silent, as did Cat. Thelodahr dropped the bucket on the table, turning toward her. Cat could only see a monster beyond Thelodahr’s mask. “You… you killed him.”

Thelodahr shook his head. “No. I scarred him.”

Cat sighed, looking at them both with disgust. “We already knew.” The interrogators were shocked. “What?” they asked in exasperation.

“We searched their camp. One of our scouts found a letter from Syndra explaining everything: the Twilight’s return, Azerite...”

Alice was fuming. “Why didn’t you already tell us about this!” she demanded.

“I only just returned.”
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