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Item Type: Standard Trait, Tool, 1 handed; Borrow-able Only
Total AP: 2
Event Gained: A Mighty Anvil Pt.1(3/18/2018)
Effects: +1 Crafting(Smithing) & +1 Crafting(Runecarving/smithing)
Description: A hammer made out of a block of thorium, it's a light green color and has seen decades, if not centuries of use. As such, the edges are slightly chipped and worn, reducing it's efficiency, but the masterpiece of a hammer still retains the magic that Kaltor once employed and remains an effective tool for any smith to wield. His maker's mark is on the tool's pommel, a double-bladed battleaxe with his initials carved into it. The flat (non-smithing sides) of the hammer are both inscribed with a rune of power that glows a light orange color.
"The answers are here. I can feel it." - Brann Bronzebeard

Crura Darkmine: Dark Iron Warrior, Smith, and Mountain Champion
Kalrum Greatforge: Bronzebeard Warlock, Loremaster, and Master Enchanter
Mairla Greatforge: Bronzebeard Paladin of Tyr, Jeweler, and Explorer
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