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Effects: Unlike other posts here, there 'infinite' Steelgrasp-Crafted weapons and armor. All of them are permanently acquirable, and you do not need to post about doing so.

As such, you may freely choose what the weapon does when you acquire it, as long as it is worth 1 AP. You should refer to the Traitcrafting thread for how to balance the item & the Traits & Abilities thread for ideas to grant the item.
The types include: Any typical weapon you'd imagine the Brigade's smiths to craft, armor too. It can be specially requested as well, so you have free reign with the weapon or armors type.
AP: All of these weapons & armor are 1 AP.
General Description: You have free reign to describe the weapons or armor, although typically such items would be made out of steel. Rare metals like dark iron, elementium, titansteel, and the like should be approached with caution, but are not off-limit.
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