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Item Type: Consumable Trait; Permanently Acquirable
Total AP: 3
Event Gained/Creator: Crafting Event(3/22/2018) / Crura Darkmine
Effects: +1 Health, +2 Defense for 1 turn only. (The HP gain is healing, and does not go away after 1 turn, only the Defense fades!)
Description: This dull gray stone contains a complex dwarven rune that glows a golden light. It's strength is surprisingly strong, and should one hold the stone and activate the magic they feel in their hand, they would find their wounds mend, and their skin toughen to iron for a short duration. It only has a single use, and it's creator, Crura Darkmine, doesn't really care what happens to it as long as it helps someone!
"The answers are here. I can feel it." - Brann Bronzebeard

Crura Darkmine: Dark Iron Warrior, Smith, and Mountain Champion
Kalrum Greatforge: Bronzebeard Warlock, Loremaster, and Master Enchanter
Mairla Greatforge: Bronzebeard Paladin of Tyr, Jeweler, and Explorer
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