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Item Type: Consumable Trait; Permanently Acquirable
Creator: Crura Darkmine
Total AP: 1
Effects: +1 Damage for 1 turn only
Description: A dull gray stone with a rough sketched rune of power on its surface, it flickers a dull-gold color. A mote of power leaks from the imperfect rune, giving the impression that it could grant its holder immense power, if only for a little bit.
"The answers are here. I can feel it." - Brann Bronzebeard

Crura Darkmine: Dark Iron Warrior, Smith, and Mountain Champion
Kalrum Greatforge: Bronzebeard Warlock, Loremaster, and Master Enchanter
Mairla Greatforge: Bronzebeard Paladin of Tyr, Jeweler, and Explorer
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