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Summery: Throlin Lightbreaker is the son of a Forge-Guard, and now aspires to be one himself. After having been enslaved by a Flamewaker, he has little love for the creatures.

Non-Combat Skill Stats:
  • Strength:+
  • Dexterity:-
  • Intellect:
  • Wisdom:-
  • Stamina:
  • Charisma:+

Crafting Ranks
Blacksmithing(Rank 1, +1)

Class Trait(1 AP): Forge-Guard
-Damage Dealer: You gain +1 damage on successful attack rolls.

Standard Trait(3 AP) Forge Hammer (A War Maul)
-Passive(1): +1 ATK
-Passive(1): +1 CRIT
-Passive(1): +1 Blacksmithing

Standard Trait(1 AP) Forge-Guard Intuition
-Passive(1): +1 Blacksmithing

Standard Trait (1 AP) Laws of the Forge
-Active(1):You restrain your target in fiery chains, restricting there movement. Target non-boss enemy cannot take an action on their next turn.

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