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The Steel Thane
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The Clan Steelgrasp’s story begins a few centuries before the War of Three Hammers shook the Dwarven world at it’s foundation!

The Clan worked in the Great Forge and down in the mines day in, and day out with their fellow Craftsmen in Ironforge. Quickly gaining a reputation as a group with remarkable skill in their said craft and professions!

The Clan Steelgrasp was one of the smaller names that had thrown their lot into that of the Dark Iron Clan. Mostly due to having always worked so closely with the Dark Iron Clan in the dark mines, and at the hot forge.


Early in the history of Clan Steelgrasp , an oath of fealty was given to the name of Anvilmar, and in turn the Ironforge Clan, to fight for and supply the Dwarven Armies. So, Troggs and Trolls alike would come to feel the bite of steel made by the Clan Steelgrasp for many years!


The High King Modimus Anvilmar passed on from old age. This lead to civil war in the already overpopulated city, and the Clan Steelgrasp was left with a harsh choice. Continue to honor the oath of fealty given to the name of Anvilmar and the Ironforge Clan, and in turn fight for the Bronzebeards? Or play upon the long standing Kinship obtained from working together, and side with the name of Thaurissan and in turn the Dark Iron Clan?

Clan Steelgrasp, like much of the Dwarven world at this point, had a wedge driven into it’s heart!

A very large sum opted to stay in Ironforge and fight and work for the Bronzebeard Clan to honor their oath to the Clan Ironforge and Anvilmar. Though quite a lot honored their friendships, standing with the name of Thaurissan to side with the Dark Iron Clan, even adopting the new name of Slagsteel for themselves.

So the lines of battle were drawn, and for the next three centuries Steelgrasp and Slagsteel spilled each others blood on numerous skirmishes and battles. Each for what they thought was right, against what each thought was wrong.

But now…

Change rests in the wind for the Clan Steelgrasp. After the old leaders who drove their Kinfolk into battle against each other have mostly gone and died themselves. After so much blood given, sweat shed, and booze drank. The newly formed Council of Three Hammers has all but placed a swift end to the fighting and killing between the names of Steelgrasp and Slagsteel, as well as the rest of the Dwarven world. Forever ending the arms race between the two small sub-clans, and bringing unification back into their fold.

Now, the Clan Steelgrasp focuses on bringing together Kinsmen from all walks of life for what they believe in, which is creating some of the best quality weapons, armor and machines Khaz Modan can offer so that battles can be waged against the Horde.

Even having gained a fierce reputation as of late for having armed themselves to the teeth to wage an unconventional war of resources against the Horde. All for an effort to fuel their craft at the Great Forge!
"Cry, 'Havoc', and let slip the dogs of war!" ~William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
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