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[Pinned] SGB: Pre-BfA Story Planning

Greetings Steelgrasp Brigade! As most of you are already aware, we are planning to take the guild's forces North, in a Lordaeron invasion. Be it to support our allies to the North, to reinforce our Northern borders, or whatever other reason, tha...
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[Pinned] RP Addons
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[Pinned] RP Addons

Hey everyone! Feel free to append to this list as they see fit. These are just a few really good RP addons that you can download to enhance your in-character experience.Total RP 3: While MRP and XRP are fine choices, TRP3 is an insanely deep ch...
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[Pinned] The Armies of the Steelgrasp Brigade

For the upcoming Ashes to Ashes military campaign, each guild will be fielding a selection of IC military units in addition to our IC characters at the front lines. I'd like to hear you guys' suggestions as to how to personalize our units, whether...
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[Pinned] Clan Steelgrasp Discord

Not everyone is a fan of Discord, but for those of us in the Mead Hall's Discord, this makes things much easier. For those of you without Discord, it's highly recommended. It's free and can be run from your browser, a phone app, or a desktop app...
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Om Nom Nom

Just because!Disclaimer: Anything posted in this thread is meant to be silly. If you take offense to anything posted here, you may 1.) choose not to view it, or 2.) contact a moderator. We don't plan to police this thread too seriously, so just...
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Book Recommendations

1. "Crystal Shard" -Icewind Dale Trilogy, the first 3 books R.A. Salvatore wrote about Drizzt Do'Urden and friends. A Dwarf is the second main character. Don't skip the Cleric Quintet, or you miss the legendary "DOO-DAD"!2. "Trollslayer" - Written...
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Attention Crafters and Merchant RP-ers!

Smiths, Brewers, Alchemists, and other professionals of the Steelgrasp Brigade! There are TONS of events coming up here shortly, and it would be AMAZING if we had some more representation out there in the greater Alliance community! Here are a c...
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Long Leave of Absence (Maybe Permanent)

It is with a heavy heart that I write this.. I have decided to cancel my subscription to WoW. With the move came my wife's new job, and the hours are so that I realistically cannot attend many events. I myself will be starting up a new job during ...
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Glory of the ? Raider

Hey all, thinking about having a dedicated day for old PvE stuff for slow RP weeks and get our members some cool mounts and mogs in the process! I am curious on what you all need? Plan on doing them all eventually. Some will take multiple weeks bu...
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Hey guys

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing ok. I just got my laptop fixed (it stopped charging a few months ago for some reason) and can't wait to play soon! Currently kicking it on a level 4 toon until I'm able to buy another month (financial troubles - ...
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Small Leave of Absence

I will be moving at the end of the month! So for this whole month I may be a bit more absent from the guild... I will most likely be completely gone from ~July 26th - ~August 6th.
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Ahoy there! Ardra reportin' fer duty!Hello! I just joined literally right before I went to bed last night. So I'm trying to figure things out this morning. Posted Ardra's character info already. But I just wanted to officially introduce myself!My ...
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Goodbye (for now)

As I will be focusing my WoW time on Kaîrum with Runekeepers, and as I previously coordinated months ago when I started coming up with Runekeeper ideas, I will of course be stepping down as a Mithril Council member but I will remain an officer of ...
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Hello everyone!

Greetings Steelgrasp Brigade, this is Skjallgrim. How's everybody doing this morning? I just got off work right now and it looks like you guys are going to give me a chance. Thank you very much. I hope to get along with everyone and have a lot...
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Character concepts/ideas

Hey all,In the numerous MMO's I've played over the years, I've always thoroughly enjoyed creating different character concepts that play as a given game class, but not "classified" as such. An example for me, and my only one in WoW, was a gnome t...
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Canceled Fishing Event

Sorry all, had to cancel Gone Fishin' due to my dental surgery on the same day! Will post up another soon. Be sure to check the calendar!
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PvP and PvE Opportunities

The poll is for what you want to do and for which role you want to do it in.
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RP And You!

What's happening forum!?Its safe to say that RP is something we all enjoy (hence why we're even here!) but we all weren't just born RPers. When did you first encounter roleplaying? When did you first partake in it? What is it about roleplaying ...
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Open RP thread interest?

Thinking of starting a little plot via forum posts. It's the style I learned how to RP, so I still like to do it once in a while. : )Would anyone be interested in taking part casually? Thinking of a slow burn action event set in Suramar outskirts/...
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