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The Many In Character classes!


I will post my suggestions but if you have your own, feel free to add them below.I am also sure you were already planning to add countless of these to your own list Furgas, such as the Mountain King(Thane), or Avatar, but nevertheless, I will sugg...
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The Many In Character classes!

Dwarf Playable Races

As people know there are three MAJOR subraces for Dwarves.Bronzebeard's, Wildhammer's, and Dark Iron's.There are also MINOR subraces for Dwarves.Frostborn's, Stormpike's, and technically Earthen.I will be discussing what they do best and the recom...
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The Many In Character classes!

List of Classes!

Here is a few in game classes that Dwarves are known to be! They will be listed in order of most common and playable, to more advanced classes requiring some RP skill and IC methods of obtaining power. -Core Classes- These are the 'Co...
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