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Post about your unique items, what they look like, what they do, how powerful, old, etc they are. Even post a picture, or a Game use for them! Weapons, Armor, Items, etc!
I think it would be fun if all of us made 5e char's of our main characters. You can be any lvl / combo of classes, just follow 5e character building and stuff. Even use your own homerule classes and stuff, just be sure to put an explanation of them w/ your characters post.
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In Character Files

[Pinned] Your Name (+ titles optionally)

Greetings! This is the basic outline for In Character Info!Character Name:Character Race: Character Age:In Character Class:In Character Profession:Special Skills: Character Personality:Brief Bio:Extra Information (If any):(Extra Info could be OOC ...
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In Character Files

Xiranna Melany

Worgen rogueage: 33Professions: Alchemy/herbalismWork ethic: Mercenary/merchantBio: Xiranna was a traveling merchant, when her caravan was attacked and she was the only survivor left after a bloodfang bit her she took to her new life and began wor...
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In Character Files

Faysal Grimgear, Fighter Ace Extrordinaire

Character Name: Faysal GrimgearCharacter Race: GnomeCharacter Age: 60-something (Old enough to have fought in 2nd War)In Character Class: WarlockIn Character Profession: Pilot, Aircraft MechanicSpecial Skills: -Ace Fighter Pilot-Aircraft Mechanic-...
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In Character Files

Clover Alexia Sparkblast

Character Name: Clover SparkblastCharacter Race: GnomeCharacter Age: 30 (Equivalent age: 17-18)In Character Class: BerserkerIn Character Profession: BlacksmithSpecial Skills:-High Stamina and Endurance-Blacksmith Hobbyist-Intermediate Engineer-Ext...
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In Character Files

Furgas Steelgrasp, the Draigfist of Khaz Modan!

Name: Furgas SteelgraspCharacter Voice/Attitude Inspiration: Class: Mountain King/Dwarven Avatar - A Thane!Age: 307 years old.Faith: Faithful of Khaz'goroth, Titan WorshipperTheme Playlist! ^_^ (Top so...
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In Character Files

Tamantha "Tamy" Eliza Shortfuse

Character Name: Tamy ShortfuseCharacter Race: GnomeCharacter Age: Mid-30s (Human equivalent: 18-19)In Character Class: Holy Monk (monk/priest)In Character Profession: AlchemySpecial Skills:Fluent in Gnomish, Goblin, Orcish, Common, and PandarenTra...
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In Character Files

Shelly Mortar Flashtrigger "The Black Fox"

Character Name: Shelly Mortar FlashtriggerCharacter Race: GnomeCharacter Age: early 40s (equivalent human age: 20)In Character Class: SniperIn Character Profession: EngineerSpecial Skills:High-tech Combat EngineerBeastmastery (canines are her spec...
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In Character Files

Delrael Navarre

Character Name: Delrael NavarreCharacter Race: HumanCharacter Age: 24In Character Class: RogueIn Character Profession: Engineering, Alchemy, ShenanigansSpecial Skills: Scouting, Stealth, Pick-pocketing, Sleight of Hand, Silver TongueCharacter...
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In Character Files

Ardra Stoneforge

Character Name: Ardra StoneforgeCharacter Age: 124Alignment: Neutral goodCharacter Race: DwarfIn Character Class: MageIn Character Profession: Tailor/EnchanterSpecial Skills: Ardra is almost exclusively specialized in fire spells. She also occasio...
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In Character Files

My Dwarves (Crura)

Google Docs - Crura's Dwarves
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In Character Files

Jorni Steelshaper, The Holy Blacksmith

In Character InformationCharacter Name: Jorni SteelshaperCharacter Race: Bronzebeard DwarfCharacter Age: 60 years oldIn Character Class: Paladin, BlacksmithIn Character Profession: Blacksmith specializing in armor and weapons blessed by the Light...
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In Character Files

Phlogiston Fluxcharger (Hearthstone Enthusiast)

In-Character InformationCharacter Name: Phlogiston FluxchargerCharacter Race: GnomeCharacter Age: 52 (September 3rd; Virgo)In Character Class: PyromancerIn Character Profession: ExplorerSpecial Skills: If there's a fire to be found, Phlogiston can...
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In Character Files

Karrus Lakeborne - Bio/factsheet

Didn't see this thread till after I had submitted an app through the website. Just so guildies can see who I am.Name: Karrus LakeborneTitle:OrcslayerJob: front-line heavy infantryAge: 198Birthplace: IronforgeRace: DwarfLanguages: Common/DwarvishFa...
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In Character Files

Eoin Highbrew(Wandering Youngster)

In Character Info!Character Name: Eoin HighbrewCharacter Race: DwarfCharacter Age: 40In Character Class: AdventurerIn Character Profession: BlacksmithSpecial Skills: He's young, optimistic, and naive, does that count?Character Personality: Eoin is...
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In Character Files

Grimulf Hulfdane, Grizzly Hills Ranger

Name: Grimulf HulfdaneRace: HumanIC Class: RangerIC Profession: Tracker and TrapperDescription:Muscular, but slimmer than most humans - often it’s a point of ridicule between Grimulf and his brother - Grimulf’s wiry physique serves him well in the...
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In Character Files

Mairla Greatforge

In Character InformationCharacter Name: Mairla GreatforgeCharacter Race: Bronzebeard DwarfCharacter Age: 40 years old Birthday: November 4thIn Character Class: Paladin of Tyr | ClericIn Character Profession: Expert Gemcutter, Journeyman JewelerSki...
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In Character Files

Naohmi Gravelheart

Character Name: Naohmi Gravelheart (Birth name: Naohmi Vestone)Character Race: HumanCharacter Age: 29In Character Class: Rogue, by all intents and purposesIn Character Profession: Historian and Treasure HunterSpecial Skills: Naohmi is a skilled e...
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In Character Files

Brawler Tyrman Bladebreaker

Character Name: Tyrman BladebreakerCharacter Race: GnomeIn Character Class: BerserkerIn Character Profession: Engineer - Personal protection/enhancementD20 Character SheetSkills:Amateur mechanicMilitary trainingPilotFluent in Common, Gnomish and D...
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In Character Files

Nurma Oathmason, Gryphon Handler

In Character Info!Character Name: Nurma OathmasonCharacter Race: DwarfCharacter Age: 130In Character Class: Gryphon HandlerIn Character Profession: Aerie Handler / StablemasterSpecial Skills: Years of caring for gryphons in the aeries of the Hint...
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In Character Files

T.R.U.S.T. Model-33 / Trustee

In Character Info!Character Name: T.R.U.S.T Model-33. Alternative Callsign; TrusteeCharacter Race: Gnomish Engineered Mechanical ConstructCharacter Age: 5In Character Class: KnightIn Character Profession: War Engine, Armor Upkeep, Weapon Upkeep, M...
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