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[Closed-RP] Alberich's Ale-Soaked Adventures: The Stein of King Anvilmar

Alberich's Ale-Soaked Adventures and The Favorite Stein of High-King Modimus Anvilmar((OOC: Since we haven't really gotten a chance to do these in-game, why not still have a little bit of dungeon-crawler fun in the forums? Here's how it's going ...
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Duera Forgeheart 151416Small Breja 1y
Forum Roleplay

[Closed RP] Of Bonds

Scene Theme: gleamed under Azeroth’s twin moons and spells burned through the Uldum night as a sandstorm threatened to engulf the combatants that fought across the ruins of an ancient titan city. N...
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Ragewrench9854Small Tyrman Bladebreaker 1y
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[Open RP] Late Night

(This takes place a few days into Brewfest, six-five days before the Glopgut diplomacy event.)Stalls begin to close. Empty casks are stored, fires used for cooking snuffed out, and all but the most stubborn attendees are sent away. Another success...
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[Open RP] Office Hours

"Ugh, another damage report and complaint. Grim really needs to give Bruuk's a break."Steel Councilman Tyrman Bladebreaker balls up the recently glanced document and tosses it over the railing to the floor below where his gryphon hatchling, Sparkp...
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Out of Death, Light - The Forging of JB Everest's Blade

Uranin Stoneturner closed the book with a loud thud, the heavy wooden cover of the old tome setting off a plume of dust in the library. Nearby, other patrons coughed as the dust reached them, after all they were still using their lungs.The Steelgr...
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No Stone Un-turned... (Amni & Uranin)

Uranin Stoneturner stood so still that one could be forgiven for considering him to be nothing but a statue, put up to make Greywatch feel more at home for the members of the Alliance.However for any who looked too closely, it was clear that this ...
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[Open RP] Suramar's Reach

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Materials (Forum "Walk-up" RP)

Ragewrench's idea inspired this. Going to use it to RP with characters I miss out on and help with some minor RP to keep a few things moving! Sorry if it seems a little rushed but been suffering from a little writers block, hope this gets me over ...
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