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[Pinned] Crura Darkmine {Current and Example}

Crura DarkmineSummary: A former Sister of Steel, a Dark Iron warrior and smith of the highest degree. A peer of the Steelgrasp Brigade's Thane, Furgas Steelgrasp, and one of his personal advisers and champions.Non-combat skill stats: Strength: ++ ...
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Character Profiles

Throlin Lightbreaker

Summery: Throlin Lightbreaker is the son of a Forge-Guard, and now aspires to be one himself. After having been enslaved by a Flamewaker, he has little love for the creatures. Non-Combat Skill Stats: Strength:+ Dexterity:- Intellect: Wisdom:- Stam...
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Character Profiles

Gurdar Forgewright

Summary: A former law abiding Dark Iron guard in the Shadowforge detention block Gurdar joined a campaign to liberate upper black rock mountain with disastrous results for him. After taking an injury he was discharged losing his income and unable ...
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Character Profiles

Gwyin Slagmantle

Gwyin SlagmantleSummary: A Dark Iron dwarf who frequently speaks her mind and swears in Calimag enough to make an elemental sailor blush. She is fervently loyal to Moira and as such to the Alliance, swearing her hammer and axe to Steelgrasp in all...
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Character Profiles

Rodan Julecast

Summary: A Wildhammer Dwarf, through and through! Rodan is a shaman by choice, as are the majority of Wildhammer's that are not warriors or Gryphon Riders. He is strong with the elements, but more akin to using Lightning WHENEVER possible! Fresh o...
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Character Profiles

Jardamis Steelriver

Non-Combat Skill Stats:Strength: Dexterity: +Intellect:Wisdom: -Stamina: -Charisma: +ProfessionsEngineering: 0/2 +1Blacksmithing: 0/2 +1TraitsTech Rogue - Class Trait - 1 APCombatant class: +1 dmgDual Blades - Standard Trait - 1 AP+1 atkShadowy Le...
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Character Profiles


LokwrenchSummary: Lokwrench was an Engineer Assistant who left the classroom to see the world, also to use his Engineering skills in a practical use. He found his true love when on a survey of Loch Modan D...
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Character Profiles

Huldorn Wildwind

Summary: Young Enhancement Shaman, Iron Valiant of Steelgrasp Brigade. "While servin' in teh Ironforge Military, after a campaign in the Arathi Highlands, I was called by the Earthen Ring in Aerie Peak tae assist against teh troll incursion. It wa...
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Character Profiles


Summary: Formerly a gifted Magi of the Kirin Tor, Wilworth's mastery of the three schools of magic has proven a boon both in and out of combat.Non-Combat Skills Strength - Dexterity Intellect + Wisdom + Stamina - Charisma Valorforge:Instructo...
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Character Profiles

Kildeth Darkmine

Str: +Con: +Cha: -Dex: -Int:Wis: Tank: A stalwart defender of the innocent or a hardy experienced fighter who knows how to get the enemies attention. This class gains;Passive: +2 HealthAbility: Taunt: You may taunt your target, forcing them to foc...
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Character Profiles

Jordum Graygem

Summary: Sent from the mountain on high, this gladiator turned politician has come to lend his own personal brand of justice to the Steelgrasp Brigade. Earning his keep in the Ring of Law and later in the Dark Iron law system, Jordum is exacting, ...
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Character Profiles

Duera Forgeheart

Summary: Forge Priestess of Khaz'Goroth. Acolyte of the Temple of the Pantheon in Ironforge under Bromm Ironbrow. Duera travels with Algrim Ashforge on pilgrimages to preserve holy lands, and recover Titan relics.Non-combat skill stats: Strengt...
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Character Profiles

Brynval Bravebeard

Summary: A brazen dwarf, Bynval Bravebeard has been an adventurer, sailor, and explorer within the esteemed Explorers' League. Ever looking for more adventure and danger, Brynval has headed the Steel Compass in hopes of bringing powerful artifacts...
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Character Profiles

Dunnrick Whitewhisker

Summary: Ruffian, runecarver, and former freebooter of the infamous Blackwater Raiders. Has a murky, misleading and often embellished history spanning three centuries. Always looking for an opportunity for treasure and tall-tales alike.Non-combat ...
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Character Profiles

The Thane, Fürgas Steelgrasp

-Summary- Thane Fürgas Steelgrasp is an ancient Dwarf to say the least. Sporting a number of flashy titles just as any of his equally ancient Kin. "Draigfist of Khaz Modan" - for the slaying of Black Dragons. "The Guardian of the Great Forg...
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Character Profiles

Difyr Frostborn

Summary: Former Paladin of the Silver Hand, Former Knight of the Ebon Blade, RunesmithNon-combat skill stats:Strength +Dexterity -Intellect Wisdom +Stamina Charisma -Valorforge:Instructor:N/AStudent:N/A[b]Traits:*Titan-forged RunebladeRank 1"Geome...
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Character Profiles

Brewmaster Cadgeta Zensprocket

Summary:A Former Thief, that stole from the rich to give to the poor, in order to survive, Cadgeta had done that path for a short while. Upon arrival in Pandaria, during its campaign, she found redemption as she watched what unfolded before her. A...
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Character Profiles

Thelodahr Azkar Lighthammer

SUMMARY Templar of the Silver Hand, and Magna of the Steelgrasp Brigade. Thelodahr was raised and taught by humans since he was a child.SKILLS Strength + Dexterity -- Intellect Wisdom Stamina Charisma + VALORFORGEInstructor:N/AStudent Path of...
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Character Profiles

Shelly Flashtrigger

Summary: The daughter of the famous combat engineer Rusco Sparkblast, Shelly takes after his brilliant mind, deadly cunning, but most of all, his ceaseless ambition. After surviving the Fall of Gnomeregan, and the subsequent five years left strand...
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Character Profiles

Doctor Olivia Fluxsprocket, Ph.D

Summary:A Gnomish Bard of the Gnomish Family of DeBurrows. Olivia balances her work as a Psychologist and Theorist, with wandering around as a Traveling Bard. She's quick to share a song to assist allies or to wield her sword and Main gauche and f...
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