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Steelgrasp Brigade 2017 Writing Contest!

Ragewrench / Nov 07, 2017
While the forces of Azeroth battle with demons on once-distant worlds, another storm brews much closer to home, a storm that has flared up time and again, a complicated current of red and blue. The Alliance and Horde, while all saviors of Azeroth, have always found reason to start their wars anew.

In celebration of Blizzcon’s announcement of the new expansion World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, the Steelgrasp Brigade will be hosting a 2017 writing contest!

The theme harkens to a phrase repeated over the years in Horde vs Alliance lore panels and content: Cycle of Hatred.

Your story must be between 1,000-3,000 words, involve one of your characters in the Mead Hall, and be submitted to in the form of a PDF or Word Doc before the end of November.

While the theme should be focused around Horde and Alliance conflict, you have the creative freedom to think broadly about how elements of the struggle have affected your character. Think about the wars waged between the factions and how it has changed Azeroth’s geography, politics, economy, and culture. There’s more to it than lengthy battle descriptions, but if that’s what your character is about then go for it!

Entries will be judged by a mix of officers in the Steelgrasp Brigade as well as individuals in the Wyrmrest Accord writing/RP community outside of the Guild. The winners will be announced sometime during December, at which point you will be free to post your entries on the forums.

Third Place will receive 10,000g, $10 of in-game goodies of your choice, and a secret prize from Blizzcon!

Second Place will receive 20,000g, $25 of in-game goodies of your choice, and TWO secret prizes from Blizzcon (one’s really cute)!

The Grand Prize amounts to 30,000g, $100 of your choice of Blizzard Shop gear both IRL and in-game with all shipping paid for, and of course, permanent bragging rights as our 2017 Steelgrasp Writing Contest Winner.

So, get your keyboards roaring like the Drums of War and type! Good luck!


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