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Contests, Divisions and Winners, Oh My! Steelgrasp Newsletter 003

Bromm Ironbrow (Vilmar) / Dec 22, 2017
The Steelgrasp Newsletter is back with a special OOC edition to announce the winners of a great many contests that we held.

First, all of us higher ups here in Steelgrasp would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in our 2017 Writing Contest! While not everyone won, we loved reading through all your work! Without further ado let us announce the winners!

First place was granted to the wonderful Faysal! With our very own Tyrman coming in close on the tail in second place. As reward Faysal will be receiving 30,000g and 100$ worth of shopping gear from BlizzCon! Tyrman will be receiving 20,000g and 25$ worth of goodies from the online Blizzard store as well as two secret prizes from BlizzCon.

Moving on, we have the winners of our Steelgrasp holiday raffle to help raise gold for our guild bank. Lets start by saying a total of 26,100g was raised! Thank you to all who participated! Now our winners are:

Bathildis in 1st place!, winning one month of WoW time!
Huldorn in 2nd place!, winning the geosynchronous world spinner mount!
and finally, Tinarys in 3rd place, winning the prize of two level 25 battle pets!

With all these competitions it is easy to forget that our guild has peaked past the two-hundred member count and has well over 100 unique accounts in it! To accommodate our growing numbers we have established Divisions! Think of them as little communities that will hold Division specific events within our guild.

The current lists of Divisions and their leaders are:
Tyrman Geargrinder leading Omega Squad! An elite division of gnomish tinkers, combatants and other specialists who know how to socket to ya!
Bathildis Ironstout leading Khaz'goroth's Fist! A mounted combat division that hammers down enemies with the strength of a Titan!
Brynval Bravebeard leading the Steel Compass Coalition! Explorers and scholars that use artifacts to help Steelgrasp instead of locking them away in a library.
And finally, lead by Allysa Ragewrench, the Mountain Hounds! A powerful group of mercenaries that were formed solely to advance Steelgrasp's mission!

Finally, a small note of the authors choice is that a new small order has been formed within the MeadHall Community lead by Steelgrasp's very own Bromm Ironbrow (Villmarr)! If you RP a titan worshiper, then go check out his newly reformed Temple of the Pantheon and get yerself into serving the Makers the right way!

We got a lot going on and more! So look into a division and keep an eye out for the next (Hopefully IC) edition of the Steelgrasp Newsletter.

Makers bless ye all!
-Thane Bromm Ironbrow, Steel Councilor


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