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Trouble Down Un'Goro, a Titanic Issue Resolved by the Brigade!

Breja / Feb 20, 2018
Sargeras drove deep his blade, Gorribal, into our world. The full repercussions of this still unknown, but issues around the surrounding areas of Silithus felt it the most. The Un'Goro crater, a Titan Facility for experimentation was thrown into chaos in the wake of the strike. The Steel Compass led a party into the Crater, and soon after, it became clear just how dire these issues were. Calling in the full support of the Steelgrasp Brigade the Divisions set out to deal with the major catastrophic problems within.

With so many issues the Brigade split to handle each with the Divisions heading each problem. The Steel Compass set out to deal with the Fire Plume Ridge that was on the verge of erupting! Dealing with an enraged elemental, they bought the Crater some time. Meanwhile Khaz'goroth's Fist faced off against a massive devilsaur queen and narrowly made it out alive!

Omega Squad had to deal with a damaged pylon, preventing the Titan Watcher, Nablya, from being able to control the facility. During the Squad dealing with earthquakes, wildlife attacks, and trying to repair the pylon Silithid attacked Marshal's Stand! Thanks to the Mountain Hounds decisive actions, they saved the Stand and put an end to the Silithid menace. While in their hive, the located a goblin mining operation and shut it down and took a prisoner!

With these threats remedied, Nablya tasked the Steelgrasp Brigade with activating an ancient titan construct, the Etymidian. The Brigade found the Twilight's Hammer! Steelgrasp members quickly dispatched the cult and their leader and retrieved the activation rune for the Etymidian.

With the Etymidian online, it set to deal with fault line of Fire Plume Ridge while the Brigade watched over the Western Pylon, insuring it to stay online to give the Etymidian the power it needed to get the job done. The Brigade engaged a goblin scouting party and fended off a shredder from the pylon. Successful in their defense, the Etymidian completed its work in Fire Plume Ridge and stabilized Un'Goro Crater!

Though the Crater has been secured, the threat of goblins so near to the Wound cannot be a good sign... The Brigade seeks to investigate their presence in Silithus...


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