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News From the Forge!

Fürgas Steelgrasp / Feb 26, 2018

"Kinsmen! I understand that the recent shift has left many of ye graspin' fer a shred of understandin'. I know how ye all feel an I am speakin' to ease yer minds. With the downfall of the Burnin' Legion we now have a time of breathin'. With the end of such a mighty war many Kinsmen are likely to retire from the killin'-fields of war.

An' that is exactly what happened.

A number of our Kinfolk have respectfully retired to form our newest ally, the Battlestein Company. A peaceful Brew-Craft group that is highly focused on economics, social standin', an the assistance of helpin' rebuild Khaz Modan through good business. All very noble goals indeed! An needless to say we'll support 'em the whole way. But, we also have our own goals to not only continue but return to.

The fire in our hearts still burns hot as the Great Forge, an the blood boils in our veins as we charge! The actions of the Horde in the Second War is somethin' that many of us jus' can not forget about or forgive. So we will continue to stand ready in Khaz Modans defense. Continuin' to fight the never endin' battle upon our border-lands to secure safety an keep the Great Forge forever out'a enemy hands. These are the oaths taken by the Clan Steelgrasp an any who follow the namesake into battle.

With recent activities from the Horde, it looks like this is not far off.

The drums of war will sound again, the forges fires will burn molten fury to lead way to the clash of steel upon steel. The ring of it, is the song of our victory to come."

[What this means OOCly!]

As of late our guild has grown, massive and had a few different ideas of which we all wish to expand upon. So we've formed a duo-guild brotherhood of sorts.

  • The Battlestein Company represents the Steelgrasp Brigades ability to be peaceful, understanding as well as economically and socially powerful.

  • Where as the Steelgrasp Brigade represents the Battlestien Companies ability to defend the homelands, display might and bravado, as well as wage wars and win them.

It will setup to where the best interests of one guild will reflect upon the other, and vise versa. Granted with this there are going to be some slight changes; but not much at all. The main change is just the shift in leadership and a slight adjustment to how a few of the events are going to be done.

The slight adjustments will be for simplification purposes to make things easier to get through. Such as...

  • Like mentioned, the leadership has returned fully to the Thane Fürgas Steelgrasp an his Council. The Steel Regent Bathildis Ironstout has returned the helm of leadership back to the Thane. Though, Bathildis is still to be respected in the same light as she was as Steel Regent even if she is no longer.
  • The Oaths will be adjusted for simplification to be made easier to follow by newer members. Also to draw in slightly larger groups to preform the oaths with. Simple, but meaningful is the goal. The main test will be of combat and wills which will also be done in the same event, not split into 2-3 of them. Yes one single event.
  • As of now, there will no longer be Divisions! They have been tested and ultimately failed the test as activity for each one never seemed to exceed more than 3-5 people for their events. Considering this was a guild of 200+ at the time, that sounds like a failure to the experiment. We "MIGHT" revisit this later though. Though for now these roles can be handled by the guild as a whole with ease.
  • In addition to the divisions removal, we'd like for folks to place their characters combat preference in their guild note. This way when we work on D20, RPPvP, and even RPPvE in the future we can work on actual formation setups with different troop types. Shield users, cavalry, berserkers, scouts. This way we can begin developing actual tactics for these events.
  • Officer advancements available for a limited time. Until these roles are filled, we'll be keeping our eyes out for candidates worthy to move up the chain of command. Looking for people loyal to our cause and willing to stick it out for the long haul of the Battle for Azeroth expansion.
  • We'll be seeing a return to the Summer Raids! (RPPvP, not to be mistaken with PvE Raids) We have not done these since Bathildis had taken the helm. In the wake of Battle For Azeroth, you folks will get to experience these. We will set off to raid and plunder our enemies lands in a set of RPPvP and D20 events.

Though, do not fret about the ongoing activity of the guild and our story-line. Much of this will still remain the same as before and we'll just be moving onward with it. Such as...

  • We're still going to be continuing our activities in Silithus. We'll simply be moving forward with the story arc of these events. We're open to ideas from all within the guild. Your opinions matter.
  • We'll still be using the same DiceMaster and Crafting system as before. None of that has changed. This will also be the same system that the Battlestein Company will use. So our events are easy to do with one another.
  • Social events such as the Steel Pub and Craft Fest will be preformed by both the Steelgrasp Brigade and Battlestein Company. Nothing has changed and all the same faces will be at those.
  • We still have some RPPvP to come against guilds like the War Riders and Volkar Legion. So for the duration of Battle for Azeroth we can expect to see more of our old rivals from a few years ago.

I understand this is a lot to take in, but I ask of patients and understanding from folks while we prepare for the new expansion to come. I also apologies for this news taking a few days but thoughts needed to be gathered on the situation to most accurately report upon it.



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