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Impromptu Guild Meeting > 3/11/2018

Crura Darkmine / Mar 11, 2018
  • Divisions are going to be "removed" until guild membership and activity is restored to previous levels. Divisions are not going away, but it would be foolish to try and create groups while we are starving for active members.
  • When Divisions return, new guidelines will be in place to ensure that Division Leaders maintain a certain level of activity for the Division to keep it active, and to promote inter-Division events and the inclusion of non-Division members. The point is to reduce the possibility of Divisions becoming close-minded "mini-guilds" that refuse to cooperate with the rest of the guild.
  • Activity will be taken into account for joining a Division, one should be fairly active and maintain that activity (unless advance word is given on periods of inactivity) to remain in the Division.

Guild RP Events

  • Guild Events are going to focus on being Steelgrasp only, possibly inviting our sister guild, the Battlestein Company but we will be emphasizing guild events over Mead Hall events until activity stabilizes. Once we have an active member base again, we will return to doing a mixture of Steelgrasp-hosted events, Steelgrasp-only events, and Mead Hall-hosted events.
  • Events should be carefully planned by the prospective DM/GM, and should be ran similar to a D&D game by which non-combat scenarios where players can utilize skills, their ability scores, and other non-combat function should be included.
  • Alternate paths for avoiding certain combat, forcing combat, and otherwise allowing alternate possibilities for success should be implemented for events.
  • We will also be trying to host a once a week tutorial / crafting event in Anvilmar. The intention is to be a time we can take questions about the Dicemaster system, help people through it, and get some RP-crafting done at the same time!

Guild WPvP / RPPvP

  • Preplanned WPvP should be done with the upmost caution, we do not want to bring out the more negative emotions that can occur with WPvP (particularly if we are losing), and we don't want to make our Horde partners feel the same either. For this purpose, it was agreed that preplanned WPvP should be done in Wargames, likely Alterac Valley to fight in the middle of the map as a sort of Deathmatch. Victories or losses, with rules such as "one death only, don't release" will make it effectively the same as having the fight in the open world but make it fairer for lesser geared individuals (due to the removal of OP legendary's, trinkets, and set-bonuses, and more equal stats).
  • Random WPvP should definitely be a thing, just getting together to cause mayhem, or to defend an Alliance city if necessary. It should NOT be preplanned with other guilds, and done at random with the only attention being to have a fun fight. Win or Lose, as long as we went out swinging it shall be considered a victory! Also, once we get defense, we should have fun with employing different strategies to try and beat them.

RP Hub
  • Anvilmar should be used a hub for crafting events/casual social events(non-Steel Pub related), maybe use the location but 'pretend' it's like "Fort Steelgrasp" or something along those lines. The hope is to inspire new dwarves to join the Brigade, while making use of a wonderful building for other things then the Steel Pub.


It was brought to my attention that the Battlestein Company also plans to use Anvilmar more often. They are NOT trying to compete with us, and the plan is to share with them! So, please treat them like you would any Steelgrasp member, they are out sister-guild afterall.
I also added a note above that I forgot to add. It's a once a week crafting event / Dicemaster tutorial.
Jardamis is also willing to become the guild's treasurer. A new rank should be made, and it should grant him unlimited access to the guild bank. Any sales he obtains from goods in the bank will be returned to the guild's treasury.
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