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Clan Rules
The Rules of Clan Steelgrasp!

The Mead Hall
Clan Steelgrasp is a (primarily) Dwarven guild on Wyrmrest Accord (US). We form a major pillar of the Dwarven community on our server, known as The Mead Hall. When dealing with other players in Mead Hall run events, you need to respect the rules of the community.

Be Respectful
  • Remember that the people you play with are all human beings with lives of their own. Try not to disrupt or delay scheduled events. Try your best to show up prepared. Let us know if you need to take long AFKs during RP sessions. Don't use hateful speech OOCly.
  • We understand that you may be RPing a rude character, but that should stay in RP!
  • Remember, as a member of the guild, you represent us. The image you present to people can either tarnish or polish the reputation of yourself, and the Steelgrasp Brigade.
  • To elaborate on the above points, our guild policy is to not judge characters based on their pasts, but keep in mind that our guild errs on the side of Lawful Good. While not all of our players fit this bill, you will have a really hard time playing an evil character in the Steelgrasp Brigade.

Be Helpful
  • Not all of your fellow Roleplayers may know all the lore, or know how to RP, but you should try your best to accommodate them.

Be Committed
  • While we don't expect you to give up anything IRL for the game, we do expect you to show a decent level of commitment to Steelgrasp. Try regularly attending roleplay events, checking the website, and keeping the guild's interests in mind.
  • If your going to be gone for extended periods of time, just let us know, we are very understanding! Hopefuls who do not request a leave of absence before disappearing for four or more months, will be removed from guild. That said, they may rejoin at any time upon their return!

To be promoted, you must have done the following.
Hopeful to Magna
  • Join the website by getting an application accepted.
  • Complete an Interview and both parts of an Oath Ceremony.
Magna to Iron Valiant
  • Be active in the guild.
  • Get the attention of upper officers to be recommended.
  • Complete the Iron Gauntlet.
Iron Valiant to Steelwarden
  • Help run events and willing to accept more responsibility.
  • Get the 2/3 support of the Steel Council (including the GM).
Steelwarden to Steel Council
  • Full support of the Steel Council (including the GM).

What we DON'T want
  • ERP, otherwise known as Erotic Roleplay. We don't care what you do in private tells and party chat, as long as it is legal and consensual, but don't let us hear from an outside source that you've been participating in ERP in public.
  • Trolls, Stalkers, or Bullies. We are here to have fun and be part of a community, if you wanted drama, go find another guild. 0 Tolerance.
  • Guild Drama, keep it away. If you have a problem with another guild member, whisper them, don't bring it into guild chat. If you require a moderator, reach out to an officer to help you resolve your issue.
  • Heated Topics in guild chat. Try to avoid topics like... Politics, Religion, etc, as it can easily cause guild drama and will likely result in feelings being hurt.
  • Apathy of Standards in Writing. We're not grammar police, nor are we spell-checkers, but WoW roleplaying does require that you write - a lot. Please strive for your best at all times. If members complain about constant lack of regard for errors, you will be spoken to. If you make no effort to learn and grow from these errors, then we will take action.
  • Apathy of Standards Among Peers. Please show up to events prepared. On-time is even better, but we understand you might be busy IRL. We rather not have to pause an RP session for 30-45 minutes just to get someone up-to-speed with the group.

  • Failure to log in at least once every 3 results in a strike. We expect people to log in, or notify us extended absences!
  • Failure to uphold to the standards of the guild may result in a strike.
Strike One: Warning
Strike Two: Further Warning or Demotion
Strike Three: Guild Removal

Thank you for reading the rules! Always remember, we are a community of fun-loving and like-minded players who just want to enjoy this amazing game together. Don't be afraid to ask questions here on the website or in-game!