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(Jul 20, 2017)
Stay strong Gnomie! Will keep the light on 'till you get back!
(Jul 20, 2017)
Me too. Man, these last couple weeks, have just been so awful. Lol. Hope to be Gnomin' it up again soon!
(Jul 20, 2017)
On no, Triss! Hope it gets fixed soon!
(Jul 19, 2017)
Hey all! Just want to give a heads up. it looks like my computer has decided it was tired, and crapped out. I am going to try to be online again as soon as I can. Until then, I hope all is well, and I will be looking forward to seeing you all soon!
(Jul 17, 2017)
Heads up crafters! List your goods on the forum post!
(Jul 05, 2017)
We'll take care of you, Tris!
(Jul 04, 2017)
I need to do an IC interview, I believe.
(Jun 25, 2017)
(Mar 14, 2017)
Looks interestin'!
(Mar 10, 2017)
Valor-Forge is posted!
(Mar 03, 2017)
Actually, just the Iron Gauntlet. Valor-Forge will come later!
(Mar 03, 2017)
Check out the new posts about the Iron Gauntlet and Valor-Forge!
(Feb 28, 2017)
Purged the ranks, we're down to 72 members now : /.
(Feb 25, 2017)
RIP Thane Vilmar Ironbrow. Long Live Thane Bromm Ironbrow
(Feb 24, 2017)
Thank you! For Steelgrasp! For Khaz Modan!
(Feb 23, 2017)
Congrats Tyrman, on completing an Iron Gauntlet!
(Aug 17, 2016) Be sure to keep this near the top, please!
(Jul 04, 2016) Don't forget to keep this updated!