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(May 23, 2016)
Sorry about poofing last night, internet decided to go out so i just went to bed.
(May 12, 2016)
I'm gonna be out of town until next weekend! Just wanted to let you guys know!!
(Apr 30, 2016)
Name change!?
(Apr 23, 2016)
Moved a couple things around and added a new subsection today! Check it out!
(Mar 26, 2016)
No worries! Hope to see you soon!
(Mar 24, 2016)
Sorry i've not been to active as of late. Trying to give Buri time to catch up and just been busy with RL xD
(Mar 13, 2016)
Would really appreciate it if you guys could go give the post bumps and comments to keep it going!
(Mar 13, 2016)
Link to the Ironforge Craft Fest event below!
(Feb 02, 2016)
I also wish that our game time runs out according to how much we play.
(Feb 02, 2016)
"We have extended the time." Honestly, I feel they should start these things far earlier so in the day their players can play.
(Feb 02, 2016)
Whats up with the bullshit maintenance on the servers?
(Jan 13, 2016)
I love all the posts! <3!
(Jan 12, 2016)
Welcome to Clan Steelgrasp!